Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Foreign Policy

Longtime foes on foreign policy, McCain and Biden form alliance against Trumpism

© Matt Rourke/AP Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) shakes hands with former vice president Joe Biden after receiving the Liberty Medal...

U.S. Foreign Policy Can’t Be a Choice Between McCain and Trump

Official Senate PhotoSuffering from cancer and in his 80s, Sen. John McCain is closing out a long, storied career in military service and politics....

Trump’s Angry Diplomacy In North Korea Is An Attempt To Counter China

To understand the United States’ stratagem in the Pacific, and against North Korea in particular, one has to understand the fundamental changes that are...

Trump’s Unprecedented Right-Turn on Foreign Policy

Every few years — sometimes four, sometimes eight — America’s political mood swings from one pole to another. It’s a not-uncommon disorder for democracies. Voters...

Will Trump Make a Deal With China to Save the World?

It was an audacious move, one of the riskiest in the history of modern diplomacy.In 1972, when China was desperately poor and largely insular,...

In Trump’s War With Iran, U.S. Allies Are Siding With Russia and China

Former U.S. officials who played pivotal roles in negotiating the 2015 nuclear treaty with Iran have spoken out against President Donald Trump's decision Friday to...

Trump foreign policy creates an awkward union between Vladimir Putin and Europe

President Trump's attitudes toward Iran and Israel are putting Russian President Vladimir Putin in the unusual position of echoing European argument against American foreign...

Trump Threatens to Nuke Iran Deal Unless Congress, Allies Get Tougher With Tehran

President Donald Trump said Friday he would no longer certify that the Iran nuclear deal is in America’s interest and warned he could eventually...

Ditching deals has become Trump’s main foreign policy

Want smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know?...

Leading Lawmakers Wonder Why Trump Is Dragging Feet on Russia Sanctions

On Wednesday, leading senators from both parties — Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin and Arizona Republican John McCain — criticized the Donald Trump administration for...

Trump Making the Defining Mistake of His Foreign Policy

President Trump is set to roll out his Iran policy. The first step will be to “decertify” the Iran...

Foreign Policy

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