Friday, June 30, 2017

Foreign Policy

Trump foreign policy driven by own interests

  If you are confused by Donald Trump’s foreign policy, simply follow the money. During the presidential campaign,...

In Cuba Policy Shift, Trump Stresses Human Rights, Mutes Concerns Elsewhere

WASHINGTON—In rolling back the Obama administration’s steps to normalize relations with Cuba, President Donald Trump on Friday appeared to...

Donald Trump Is Proving Too Stupid to Be President

I’m starting to suspect that Donald Trump may not have been right when he said, “You know, I’m like a smart person.” The evidence...

Trump and his Cuban promises | Cuba

What a difference a year makes! I can still remember, back in February 2016, watching Raul Castro announce on Cuban television that Barack Obama...

Trump: ‘I am under investigation’ in Comey sacking | USA News

US President Donald Trump appeared to confirm on Friday that he was under investigation and seemingly took aim at a senior Justice Department official, in...

Trump Rolls Back Obama’s Cuba Policies On Travel And Trade

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Ignoring widespread calls from members of...

Trump Isn’t Being a CEO. He’s Just AWOL.

Presidents often say that the hardest thing they have to do, and their most sacred responsibility, is to decide to send troops into harm’s...

Trump faces Russia dilemma as Senate overwhelmingly passes new sanctions

The Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill to slap new sanctions on Russia and prevent the White House from making any changes without Congressional review...

Trump’s Foreign Policy Whiplash: The US Is Selling F-15s to Qatar

There was more than a little confusion in foreign policy circles last week when President Trump joined several Middle Eastern countries in castigating the...

Trump’s Latest Foreign Policy Move on Terror Should EMBARRASS Obama

The Trump administration has done it again. They negotiated something that Obama should have accomplished but didn’t. Here is what FOX News reported: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told...

Trudeau decides it’s just not worth appeasing Trump in foreign-policy shift

America has left the world, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland signalled in Tuesday’s landmark foreign policy address. Canada and its allies will hang together,...

How Trump’s Black and White World View Met Reality in the Middle East

It was only three weeks ago that President Donald Trump, in Riyadh, proclaimed that he had secured unprecedented unity amongst Sunni governments to fight...

Foreign Policy

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