Friday, June 30, 2017


What’s Happening With Trump’s Immigration Laws? The Latest On Who is Safe And Who...

The Trump administration announced Thursday it would continue the Obama administration's policy allowing Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who came to country as young children, to remain in the...

New Tech Solutions Emerge as Trump Gets Tough on Immigration

Despite much opposition, President Donald Trump since he signed the executive order last January to curb immigration and continues to move forward with the...

Trump Administration Rescinds Order Aimed At Protecting Undocumented Parents From Deportation

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Thursday put an official end to an immigration order created under former President Obama that would...

Immigration Patriots ‘Thrilled’ About Trump Tossing Out DAPA

AP File Photo/Nick Utby John Binder17 Jun 2017Washington, D.C.0 17 Jun, 201717 Jun, 2017 After President Trump’s administration announced it would toss out an Obama-era amnesty...

White House says no determination yet on ‘Dreamer’ immigrants | Reuters

By Julia Edwards Ainsley and Mica Rosenberg ...

Trump Killed A Key Obama Immigration Program. But What He Didn’t Do Matters More.

WASHINGTON ― The Trump administration formalized an immigration policy shift on Thursday evening that was notable for what it didn’t do as much as...

Trump Switches Course On Deporting ‘Dreamers’

Getty Image The immigrant community has largely been holding its breath since Donald Trump took office. But one group was able to exhale a small...

California Deals Blow To Trump’s Plan To Expand Immigrant Detention Centers

California lawmakers on Thursday dealt a blow to the Trump administration's plans to expand capacity for detaining undocumented immigrants in the state.The...

Under Trump, Cubans Are Losing Favored Immigration Status

Tens of thousands of Cubans living in the U.S. are adapting to a harsh new reality: After enjoying decades of favored status dating back...


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