Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Worst S&P 500 Drop Since Election Day Emboldens Trump’s Haters

It was bound to happen sometime.The biggest stock selloff since Donald Trump’s...

What you need to know about the first Fed meeting of the Trump era

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is reflected in a trader's screen on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Dec. 14,...

Trump’s import tax on Mexican goods is as prudent as his other ideas |...

You can debate the practicality of a border wall until the last ding-dong of eternity...

Donald Trump’s demolition derby – NationofChange

We’re a week into the Trump administration and it’s pretty obvious what he’s up to. First, Donald Trump is running a demolition derby: He...

Petition Demanding Trump Release Tax Returns Breaks Record

The White House handles loads of petitions, but the most popular one has yet to receive a response and will likely never get one...

Questions mount over tax to pay for Trump’s border wall

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is promising Mexico will pay for his massive border wall. On Thursday, his administration finally suggested how: a 20...

We should be allowed to see Trump’s tax returns

The New York Times ...

Tax ‘Detrimental:’ Rep. Cramer: Trump setting the stage for negotiations, not policy

But U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., downplayed the rhetoric Friday, stating President Donald Trump is leveraging strength instead of setting policy.“He plays offense, he...

GOP’s vs. Trump’s border taxes explained

January 28, 2017 —For weeks, congressional Republicans, Donald Trump, and various factions of Corporate America have been engaged in an intense battle over how to...

Trump Takes On the Old Order

He means it. The President of the United...


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