Friday, June 30, 2017

Women's Rights


Starting a recruiting company from home? Step-by-step guide by Dougles Chan Books By Dougles Chan news TRUMP MAKES PLAY FOR DEMOCRATIC MINNESOTA ON CNN...

Trump’s plan restricts travel and business with Cuba

President Donald Trump announced on Friday a clampdown on US business with Cuba and tighter rules on travel to the island, in a move to...

Workers in Ivanka Trump Factory Describe ‘Poverty Pay’ and ‘Verbal Abuse’

A comprehensive report in the Guardian took a deep-dive into life working...

Exposing the Violations of Ivanka Trump’s Sweatshops

Ivanka Trump’s book Women Who Work was presented as a guide for self-actualization, helping...

Nationwide ‘rally against Sharia law’ reflects violent surge of Islamophobia since Trump election

The rise of armed anti-Muslim fervor comes as no surprise to those familiar with the industry that’s shaped its path. In the US, politicians...

Ivanka Trump Indonesian Clothing Factory Investigated for Abuses

Getty Image Ivanka Trump has made motherhood a huge part of her brand since becoming part of the first family. She has drawn the public...

Exclusive: Dan Rather on the Similarities Between Nixon and Trump: “Each president has a...

Home Media Exclusive: Dan Rather on the Similarities Between Nixon and Trump: “Each president... ...

Revealed: reality of life working in an Ivanka Trump clothing factory | US news

The reality of working in a factory making clothes for Ivanka Trump’s label has been laid bare, with employees speaking of being paid so...

a dystopia that’s anchored in the here and now

First and foremost, The Handmaid’s Tale is a work of fiction. It seems easy then to separate...

Ivanka Trump decries ‘viciousness’ of Washington

Ivanka Trump at the White House, June 5, 2017. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) WASHINGTON (JTA) — Ivanka Trump said she did not expect the level of...

Trump and Cuba | Swamp Gas Forums the article:According to several reports this week, President Trump will soon be “rolling back” some of Obama’s most pathetic, egregious (and probably...


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